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Texas Mom Goes Viral with 'Locked and Loaded' Message for Home Invader

One Texas mom had a strong message for a burglar who broke into her home - she's locked and loaded.

According to WFAA, McKinney residents Maria Luce and Mark Toney were shocked to find a stranger, dressed in all-black clothing, creeping into their home in the middle of the day. The home invader immediately bolted, but Luce wanted to make sure the burglar knew he messed with the wrong woman.

She recorded a video, while holding her 12 gage shotgun, that had a direct message for their home invader.

"So, just to make something clear. To the kid who broke into my home tonight: I'm not sure that you know what this is but I am locked and loaded," she said sternly. Luce went onto explain that the whole ordeal had been caught on camera, and they had left plenty of evidence for police to examine.

"You won't do it again. We will find you. Don't mess with my home," Luce warned. "It was not smart on your part young man, you committed a felony and you will be found. Period."

Watch the full video below.

Luce's video has been viewed over 70,000 times since it was originally posted on May 4. She believes that the burglar was after her teenage son's expensive pairs of Yeezys (a brand of designer sneakers), which he had bragged about on social media.

There's no word if McKinney Police have pinpointed the perpetrator. But it's safe to say (if they know any better) that the burglar won't be breaking into their home again.

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