Texas Mom Hacks Ikea Furniture to Create Incredible 7-Person Bed

One creative mother of five used Ikea furniture and a lot of imagination to create an impressive family-sized bed.

Texas blogger Elizabeth Boyce wanted to keep her family close by during the night. With the help of some Ikea furniture kits, she concocted this impressive creation that allows space for her, her husband and five children to sleep soundly. 

Some people were a little puzzled by the idea of keeping all of her children so close, possibly interfering with private time between Boyce and her husband. Her answer to most criticisms was understandable - the family-style sleeping situation worked for her family now, but may not in the long-term.

For now, the Boyces have freed up more space in their home, which has allowed them to create a "Lego room" and a giant storage area for clothes. As the kids grow older, it's likely that they'll once again need their own space a little farther away from mom and dad. Until then, the Boyces will be cuddled up closely in their makeshift sleeping fort.

No matter what you might think of Boyce's parenting style, it's hard not to be impressed by her creativity. Although I don't think I could sleep very soundly surrounded by five young kids, my hat goes off to this innovative mom.

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Texas Mom Hacks Ikea Furniture to Create Incredible 7-Person Bed