Texas Marine Veteran Reunites with Beloved Bomb-Sniffing Dog

An appreciative veteran was driven to tears after being reunited with his wartime canine companion.

Jason Young of Glen Rose, Tex. has survived multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He credits a Dutch Shepherd named Rocky as one of the biggest reasons why he made it home safely.

“He saved a lot of lives and very easily saved mine because there were a lot of IEDs in our area of camp that would have very easily gone off,” Young told Fox4.

Along with providing an added layer of protection from attackers, Rocky gave Young a sense of comfort that only a devoted dog can.

It’s been four years since Young returned home from deployment. When he and his wife, Katerina, attended a charity auction for the humanitarian aid organization Linking the World in Dallas, Young couldn’t believe his luck. During the auction, Young was shocked to find his longtime friend and comrade Rocky up for grabs.

Bidders drove Rocky’s price up into the thousands, leaving Young to once again head home without his old friend in tow. Unbeknownst to Young, Rocky’s top bidder already had plans to bring them back together.

After an emotional reunion, Young says he’s excited to finally give Rocky the love, care and comfort he rightfully deserves.

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Texas Marine Veteran Reunites with Beloved Bomb-Sniffing Dog