Hail Protector

Texas Man's Inflatable Hail Protector Selling Fast After Recent Storms

This article was originally published May 2016

In light of the recent storms in Texas, a North Texas businessman's invention is flying off the racks. Mike Siciliano's invention, called the "Hail Protector," can prevent any sized hail from damaging vehicles.

Their website promises that the Hail Protector can withstand just about anything. After the hail in the Northern Texas area, owner Siciliano tells NBCDFW that business is booming. "Business has been popping for us like crazy," he explains. "We can't keep product in stock."

To use the protector, you slip it over your vehicle like a typical car cover. The set up to inflate the protector only takes about five minutes, giving you plenty of time to cover your vehicle when you know bad weather is right around the corner.

The company's site posted a demonstration video showing all of the things the Hail Protector can withstand... and it's pretty much indestructible.


They test out a lacrosse ball hitting it at 80-mph, a watermelon being dropped on it from 30-feet up, a five-pound medicine ball being thrown from 71-feet up and a 17-ounce frozen ball of play doh with two-inch spikes sticking out of it. Don't worry about gusts of wind either — the video shows the Hail Protector looking secure in 80-mph winds.

The price of the Hail Protector depends on the size of your vehicle, but range from $350 to $450.

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