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This Inspiring Texas Man Walks 12 Miles a Day to Get to Work

This hardworking Texas man, Patrick Edmond, doesn't have a car and endures a 12-mile two-and-a-half-hour walk just to get to work every day.

Edmond has an incredible work ethic. The 52-year-old man lives in Plano, Texas but has a job at Braum's in McKinney. That's roughly 20 minutes by car but Edmond doesn't a car, so he makes the trek by foot every day. He walks over highways and a bridge to get to his shift at the burger joint five days a week and he does it all with a positive attitude.

"Some people drive, some people ride bicycles and I happen to walk," he told WFAA. "I would love to have a car, but the car don't make the person."

Edmond's story recently got national attention after a McKinney police officer saw him on his walk. Officer Branson stopped to check on him and offered him a ride to work. The Officer got to hear all about Edmond's daily journey on the ride and couldn't believe this impressive man. The two took a selfie after their ride and the McKinney Police Department shared the story on Facebook.

The story's significant attention ended up reuniting Edmond with his aunt, LoEster Posey. She says her nephew distanced himself from family after hard times and when she saw the story she set out to find him on his walk. She found him and offered him a ride and they ended up having a tearful reunion. Edmond told WFAA that he doesn't normally say yes to rides but this one was different.

ABC News reached out to Edmond's workplace and found out the burger and ice cream shop had no idea he was walking so far to work. He originally worked at their Plano location, but accepted a job at the McKinney location when he was offered a promotion. Braum's has now offered him a promotion at his previous location but he decided not to take it.

The company told ABC News that he's "so excited about his new position that he has elected to continue working in McKinney."

No matter where Edmond ends up working, any location is lucky to have someone so dedicated to his job.

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