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Texas Man Delivers Whataburger by Tractor to Neighbors Trapped in Flood

Dora Ann Gostecnik

Us Texans sure do love our Whataburger.

We also love helping those in need, and when you can combine the two, you're sure to get a cool story. After Texas storms dumped as many as 9 feet of water and raised river levels dangerously high, roads flooded and locals found themselves trapped. 71-year-old Gary Gostecnik, who was stuck in his house at the Brazos River Bottom since Friday, decided he couldn't go another day without his Whataburger lunch.

So on Monday, he hopped in the John Deere 8630 tractor and made the 4.5-mile trek down to the Brazos River Bridge. His wife Carol and daughter Dora Ann were waiting on the other side. From there, Carol headed over to the Whataburger in Sealy, Texas to pick up Gary's go-to (a number one with cheese, no onions, extra tomatoes) while he and his daughter retrieved some other items.

Carol was also sure to order a whole mess of burgers and fried pies for Gary to take back to his neighbors Sara and Donnie Williams, too. Carol Gostecnik told the Dallas Morning News, "I'm so glad that he is safe. We are blessed that our house has not flooded, but unfortunately, many of our neighbors were not so lucky."

Texas is currently bracing for more storms. At least seven lives have been lost in the flooding and officials are urging Texans to find higher ground and not attempt to cross any areas with fast-moving water.

And hopefully, you've got a kind-hearted man with a nice big tractor and a hankering for some Whataburger nearby.

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Texas Man Delivers Whataburger by Tractor to Neighbors Trapped in Flood