Facebook/William H. Guinn Jr.

This Texas Man Lost 230 Pounds to Fulfill His Dream of Joining the Army

William Guinn Jr. of Abilene, Texas weighed 456 pounds in February last year when he decided it was time to make a change.

He had always wanted to serve his country, but his weight was too high to meet enlistment requirements. So he set out to lose enough weight so he could join up.

It took Guinn 14 months of grueling exercise along with a strict dietary plan. By April of 2017, he had lost 230 pounds, which was half his body weight. This year he fulfilled his lifelong dream of joining the Army.

To achieve his fitness goals, Guinn worked out with personal trainers at Planet Fitness six days a week. Sometimes he would even come home from a two-hour work out at the gym only to go for a one hour jog.

"Just dieting, eating right, and gym 6 days a week and very active i manage to lose 211 pounds all thanks to planet fitness," Guinn wrote in a Facebook post.

It just goes to show you that, with persistence and determination, you can achieve amazing things. Great work, Mr. Guinn.

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