Texas Man Finds Monster Gator in His Garage

If you think you are having a bad day, try to put yourself in Doug Dallmer's shoes.

The Fulshear, Texas resident found quite the surprise when he opened his garage door yesterday morning. After taking a couple of steps inside, he came face to face with a huge 8-foot, 9-inch, 300-pound alligator making itself at home in his garage.

Naturally, Doug didn't feel too much excitement when he found his new friend camping out and quickly made a call to the police. Eventually, a wrangler came to take care of the problem.

Local officials and Dallmer are still scratching their heads over where the monster gator came from and how it found its way into Dallmer's garage. But, at this point, Dallmer doesn't care, just as long as the alligator is no longer in his garage.

"It was a little nerve-wracking," he told KSAT.

The alligator didn't go easily. Along with hissing the entire time the wrangler was working, it tried to protect itself by opening its mouth. But, thanks to the fast-acting wrangler who came to remove the huge monster, Dallmer, his family and everyone else are all safe and sound.

Luckily, this story does have a happy ending. The monster alligator will move to a new home at an alligator refuge in El Campo, Texas. There, it will live out its life in alligator paradise. You can't get much better than that.

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Texas Man Finds Monster Gator in His Garage