Texas Man Shot in the Face by Ricocheted Bullet After Firing on an Armadillo

A Texas man is recovering from a scary run-in with an armadillo in his backyard. After coming across the creature, the man decided the best course of action was to shoot it. Unfortunately, the bullet instantly ricocheted off the hard shell of the armadillo and back into the shooter's face.

The strange incident occurred at 3 a.m. in the town of Marietta, Texas, which is just southwest of Texarkana. According to Reuters, the man spotted the creature in his yard and headed outside with a .38 revolver in hand. He fired three shots at the creature, one of which came back and hit him in the jaw.

The man was quickly airlifted to the nearest hospital and had his jaw wired shut, but is now doing well. The local sheriff's department are hunting to find the armadillo, but the creature is currently still on the loose.

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Surprisingly, this man isn't the first to try and shoot an armadillo. One man in Georgia attempted the same thing back in April. However, instead of shooting himself, the bullet ricocheted off the armadillo and hit the man's mother-in-law.

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