Texas Longhorns’ Losing Streak Had Huge Impact on Booze Sales

If you haven’t noticed, the University of Texas Longhorns didn’t do that great this year. Naturally, fans of the team took their ill fortune hard. When the team continued their losing streak from last year, alcohol sales at the games rose 70%.

These numbers come from a new study released by the university, which shows that alcohol sales at the University netted $3.1 million in revenue this season. The university attributes the increase to several factors, like alcohol training for concession staff.

The team ended the season with a 5-7 losing record. They also failed to make it to a bowl game this year. In fact, the team hasn’t made a bowl game appearance since 2013, just before Charlie Strong took over as head coach. After three losing seasons, the school has decided to move forward without Strong at the helm.

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The school report also charted which types of beer the fans enjoyed the most this season. Miller Lite took the top prize with over 98,000 beers, and Coors Light was close on its heels at just shy of 96,000 beers. Surprisingly, Budweiser came in dead last with only 89 beers sold over the entire season.

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Texas Longhorns’ Losing Streak Had Huge Impact on Booze Sales