Screengrab via YouTube

Texas Longhorn Rides Shotgun in Car, Because He’s Got Places to Be


Calling shotgun in Nebraska isn't just for the humans. It's also for animals. Like your dog, or your massive Texas Longhorn.

Instead of moving his Longhorn in, say, a trailer, this man opted for a less conventional route. He carved out the passenger side of his car and built a fenced area for his large animal to ride in.

According to the YouTube post, the men that captured the video passed the slow-moving vehicle and then stopped to catch it on film. "We went to pass the slow vehicle and noticed as we passed by, there was a crazy sight," they told ViralHog. "We pulled over and waited for it to come by so we could see it again and take a video."

Watch the hilarious clip below.


It's amazing that his vehicle (which appears to be an old cop car) can even move with a Longhorn riding shotgun. In response to the rare sight, you can hear the witnesses in the video say, "I've never seen anything like that."

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While it's doubtful that the car is street legal, the parked officer that they pass doesn't seem to offer up much reaction. All things considered, the Longhorn does seem to be enjoying his ride.


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