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How Are Texans Prepping for Hurricane Harvey? Lots of Booze.


Hurricane Harvey is just hours away from making landfall in Texas and Texans are ready. Ready to party, that is. For the past couple days, social media has been rife with pictures and debates about how much booze one needs to weather a hurricane.

Lines at H-E-B in Corpus, where the storm is predicted to make landfall, are at Super Bowl levels. The water aisle is predictably empty, but the surprising thing many people have in their carts across the gulf coast is not water, food, or batteries, but booze.

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Gulf Coast Texans are accustomed to prepping for hurricanes so much so that we're almost blasé about it. Sometimes they're non-events like Rita in 2005. The worst thing about Rita was the evacuation traffic, that was no joke.

Ike was a hard-hitter in 2008 and caused a lot of destruction. Even tropical storm Allison in 2001 hit Houston so hard that the freeways were more like lakes, completely submerging 18-wheelers.


Hopefully, Harvey will be more like Rita without the traffic so that Texans can enjoy their hurricane parties from the safety of their homes.

Here are some ways Texans have been "prepping" for Hurricane Harvey:

Because Texas.

I mean, what else do you need, really?


This woman is prepared, y'all.


Why do you need so many bananas, Abby?

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Just the essentials.

It's not a party without cake too, obviously.

Every cloud has a Patron silver lining in this hurricane.

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Texans are nothing if not resourceful.


The early bird gets the beer.

It's not always about the beer, you know.

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