Texas Inmates Break Free to Save Jailer's Life


When a Parker County Texas jailer collapsed, he found help from a pretty unlikely group of people. Several prisoners he was guarding in the jail's basement actually broke out to save his life. Security cameras captured the Texas inmates in the act, and the video has gone viral.

A group of eight inmates, while shackled, broke through the door after watching the jailer fall to the ground. He had previously been cracking jokes with the men in the holding cell.

Prisoner Nick Kelton recalled being surprised when that happened. "He just fell over," Kelton told WFAA. "Looked like an act. Could have died right there."

After the inmates yells for help were not answered, they charged the door to the cell and broke free. Realizing the jailer had no pulse, they again screamed for help until people from upstairs came down.

Watch the incredible footage:

The situation was undoubtedly scary for everyone involved. No one quite knew what was going on and were naturally  cautious. This crazy story does have a happy ending, though.

Incredibly, the jailer was able to be brought back. He is alive thanks to those eight fast-acting inmates.

Are you wondering (like us) how the Texas inmates broke free so easily? The jail must have been wondering that as well, because the holding cell has since been reinforced.

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Texas Inmates Break Free to Save Jailer's Life