This Texas High School is Building a $62.8 Million Football Stadium

Voters in McKinney, Texas elected to give the go ahead to publicly finance the construction of a brand new high school football stadium. The proposed project is set to cost $62.8 million dollars, which will make it the most expensive high school football stadium in the country.

Three McKinney high schools now share a 7,000-seat stadium. Upon completion the stadium will house 12,000 seats to pack in for what will surely be a "Friday Night Lights" phenomenon. According to The Dallas Morning News, McKinney also plans to use the stadium for other events besides the sport that is Texas' heart and soul.

Soccer games and band competitions along with potential state playoff games will also get the chance to use the stadium.

This stadium may be set to surpass any budgeted stadium in the United States, but the implementation of an extravagant arena solely for high school football is not the first of its kind.

Just north of McKinney in Allen, Texas sits the 18,000-seat Eagle Stadium, with a price tag of around $60 million. The stadium closed temporarily in 2014 due to structural issues, but reopened in time for the 2015 football season.

Katy, Texas is also in the process of building their own $62.5 million stadium. They are scheduled to complete construction in 2017.

Although voters clearly spoke in favor of the new McKinney landmark, it seems not everyone is pleased with the decision. "Grassroots McKinney," led the opposition of the new stadium and to the outcome leader Mike Giles says, "We're disappointed, but the people have spoken."

And that they have. In due time, no matter which direction you are coming from along Highway 121, you won't be able to take your eyes off of a stadium that truly exudes what Texas is all about: go big or go home.

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This Texas High School is Building a $62.8 Million Football Stadium