Texas High School Students' Christmas Gift to Classmate Goes Viral


The spirit of Christmas is all about giving. And with all of the negative news swirling around on a daily basis, it's nice to see a story featuring people honoring that Christmas spirit. In news that will make your heart grow three sizes larger, a group of Texas high school students banded together to surprise a fellow classmate with a thoughtful gift.

When Roger Villegas, Salvador Solis and Martin Ramos of Somerset High School found out special needs student J.R. Gilbert was wearing shoes three sizes too small, they organized a gift-giving operation.

As the video shows, when J.R. walked into school on Jan. 15, students were gathered to watch him open two pairs of Nikes. Many of the students had chipped in to buy him the new shoes.

The video posted on the Somerset High School Facebook page has been shared over 88 thousand times.

For the record, J.R.'s family has said that he does own shoes that fit him (size 13). However, he chooses to wear the size 10 boots his grandfather gave him. There seem to be some upset people on Facebook concerned with the "shame" it brought to his parents.

Let's all just keep in mind that the intention of the students was pure. The look on J.R.'s face when he saw his peers rallied around him was one of absolute joy, and that's all that really matters.

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Texas High School Students' Christmas Gift to Classmate Goes Viral