Texas Bombarded With Enormous Hail Two Nights in a Row

All across the Lone Star State from San Antonio up into the Dallas area storms brought on larger than baseball sized hail that inflicted unbelievable property damage and caused dangerous driving hazards to those caught in the onslaught.

A KSAT viewer in San Antonio sent in this footage of the aftermath of the San Antonio storm where it's evident that the hail damaged most cars parked outside enough to break the windshields. The hail also damaged the siding on some houses and even cracked or broke some house windows:

The storms moved in on Monday and Tuesday, and the National Weather service was measuring hailstones up to 3.5 inches in diameter. Police in San Antonio divulged they had suffered broken windshields on some cruisers, WOAI reported Tuesday. ABC News posted viewer videos of hail pouring down on drivers as they struggled to get home under the barrage of hailstones.

In Northwest Bexar County the hail even knocked holes in the roof of an apartment complex and partially collapsed the ceiling in one unit, prompting panicked citizens to report a roof collapse to the San Antonio Fire Department.

Further North in Dallas, slow motion video captured of hail falling into a swimming pool looks like something out of a disaster movie:

The video was recorded by Susan Thompson and submitted to CBS DFW, who shared it on their Facebook page. Thompson also told CBS that the hail had broken through the roof of her home.

April is an unpredictable time for Texas weather, as many of us can remember just about exactly four years ago, four feet of pebble-sized hail fell in Amarillo. As impressive as it was, that hailstorm didn't even break any records, since six feet fell in Dalhart, Texas in 1993.

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Texas Bombarded With Enormous Hail Two Nights in a Row