Texas grandma

Texas Grandma Packing Heat Thwarts Home Invader

Rebbie Roberson wants you to know that if you break into her home, she's probably gonna shoot you.

On Sunday, the 74-year-old Texas grandma was sitting down to watch the nightly news when an armed intruder broke into the house.

Luckily, Roberson had her trusty revolver on a nearby table. She grabbed the pistol and chased the invader out of the house, firing a few bullets through her walls in the process. The police don't think the suspect was injured.

"I tried to kill him!" Roberson told WPVI-TV. "Anybody try to break in on me, either he gonna kill me or I'm gonna kill him."

She hopes she won't ever have to pull her gun out like that again. Hopefully, any local thugs know not to mess with that house anymore.

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Here's the deal with shooting someone who breaks onto your property in Texas: you probably shouldn't do it. There are some exceptions under Texas' "Stand Your Ground" law, which allows homeowners to use deadly force only if the intruder presents an imminent threat of bodily harm or death. Police weigh each incident on a case by case basis. The bottom line: don't start firing unless you absolutely must. Law enforcement officials always recommend you avoid shooting someone if possible. Duh.

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