Texas grandma

This Texas Grandma's Hilarious First Keg Stand is Going Viral

A 79-year old Texas grandma named Muriel is proving she still has what it takes to hang with a younger crowd. After learning about keg stands for the first time, she decided to try one out for herself. The hilarious moment took place at her grandson's graduation party.

After her granddaughter shared a pic she snapped of the event on Twitter, it quickly became viral. Now everyone is in love with Muriel because of her fun antics. If you aren't familiar with keg stands, they involve drinking from a beer keg while doing a handstand.

Muriel's granddaughter, Madison Munoz, told BuzzFeed that the family is always enjoying her antics.

"She's always been the type of grandma to hang out with all of the grandkids and make us laugh," she said and went on to talk about the now famous photo. "She's 79-years-old, so we were super careful when we were holding her up, and she went for a few seconds and took it like a champ."

The photo got a tremendous response from the Twitter world and now has nearly 2,400 retweets and 12,000 likes. The family says Muriel is now safely back at home in California enjoying her new-found fame.

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