Texas family
Elaine Baca/Lane B Photography

Texas Family's Unconventional Maternity Shoot Results in Beautiful Muddy Photos

Delivery dates and weather can be very unpredictable, but this Texas family wouldn't let that rain on their parade, or maternity shoot for that matter.

Jon and Brittany Barton postponed their much-wanted maternity shoot a couple of times already and knew that they could no longer push back the photo shoot with the baby almost here.

Photographer Elaine Baca recently shared the story with the Houston Chronicle. She knew the Bartons desired an outdoor photo shoot, but with the recent rains, the yard was riddled with mud puddles.

"Then I suggested something a little unconventional," Baca said.

Baca said the family has a large backyard that backs up to a field, containing a lot of mud puddles.

She asked Barton what she thought about playing in the rain and ending with a mud fight, and she was thrilled with the idea.

"I don't think she even hesitated," Baca said.

As you can see, it all worked out well. Baca captured the family having fun together and making the most out of the wet weather.

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