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This Texas Designer Gives Old Cowboy Boots a New Life

A designer in Texas is completely revolutionizing the fashion industry by changing old cowboy boots into cowgirl chic items. After a pair of boots are no longer wearable, the designer gives them new life by turning them into "boot purses."

His goal is to give these beautifully crafted boots the chance to be worn once again and perhaps be passed down to future generations. While they may no longer resemble the manly boots they once were, they are still a fantastic piece of cowboy legend that is now fit for a fashionable woman.

Arlie Garrett from Morgan Mill, Texas, began this venture with a love of boots. His desire to create something special from old boots evolved into a unique business that won over fans across the globe. Sadly, Garrett passed away in 2015, but the business still continues in his honor.

Today, his wife continues to sell Arlie's creations, which are now some of the last few created by Garrett himself. Hopefully, in time, others who share Garrett's love for boots will discover this passion and continue making these beautiful purses. You can learn more about the purses that are currently for sale through his website, The Rootin Tootin Boutique.

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