Texas Cowgirl Diagnosed with Cancer Sold Her Horse to Fund Funeral

A Texas cowgirl diagnosed with stage 4 cancer had to put her beloved horse up for sale to afford her lengthy funeral costs.

According to WFAA, Melanie Koch spent her days caring for her horses through the years. She bailed hay, fed her animals, shoveled manure and took care of anything else the horses needed. When she began to feel more pain than usual while working, Koch shrugged it off.

But last summer, the cowgirl received a diagnosis of stage four endometrial cancer. At first, Koch believed she could overcome the cancer. Eventually, she began to plan her funeral. The high cost of the funeral plans forced her to sell her favorite horse, Roxie.

Roxie holds a special place in Koch's heart, even though she's had "40 babies" over the years. Another cowgirl, Rosie Aschenbrenner, met Roxie and instantly fell in love with the majestic horse.

The two horse lovers talked every day to try and come to a resolution. Koch admitted to Aschenbrenner that her goal for Roxie was to make her a barrel racing winner. The potential owner wants to help that dream come true.

"I told her what my goal was, and she said, well, maybe I can carry that out for you," Koch said.

There's one big problem with plan, though. Aschenbrenner doesn't have the funds to buy the horse she called a "champion." Now, Aschenbrenner's friends, family and fellow equestrians are coming together to raise the funds. The goal was to give Koch a meaningful funeral and for Roxie to have the future she deserves.

"I won't see it from here but I'm crossing my fingers I'll see it from somewhere else... I'll be looking down!" Koch told the news station.

Although Koch sadly passed away in February, you can still donate to help pay for her final wishes here.

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