This Texas Couple Couldn’t Stop Making Dad Jokes at H-E-B

YouTubers Toni and Jesse from Texas have become internet sensations, thanks to their recorded stream of dad jokes told while grocery shopping at H-E-B. The husband and wife couple are seen in shopping at the grocery store while Jesse continuously cracks hilariously bad puns.

While perusing the aisles of their local H-E-B, Toni was subjected to at least ten very corny dad jokes. Some of the winners included, “Why did the coffee file a police report? …Because it got mugged.” As well as, “What does the annoying pepper do? …It gets jalapeño face!”

Toni laughed at many of the jokes and told Jesse which ones were bad, and at one point even guesses one of his punchlines. “What did the grape do when it got stepped on? …It let out a little whine!” The caption on the screen says, “She got one, of course it was about wine.”

The jokes in the video are awesome because they are so bad that it’s actually hilarious. It’s nice to see a couple turning a boring family chore into a fun outing.

Toni and Jesse’s YouTube channel is called “The Toni and Jesse Show,” and describe themselves as “two idiots that met backpacking in Thailand… Now we spend our days tormenting each other in Texas.”

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This Texas Couple Couldn’t Stop Making Dad Jokes at H-E-B