State Fair of Texas
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Texas Couple Recreates the State Fair of Texas for Their Wedding

One Texas couple loved the State Fair of Texas so much they decided to bring it to their wedding day.

Melissa Tate, a State Fair of Texas superfan, knew that bringing her love of the fair to the wedding would only be right. According to, Tate has attended the fair every year since she was a kid. She even stars in a documentary mini-series about vendors and fans who participate in the state fair.

Last year, Tate's future husband dropped to his knee at State Fair of Texas. In shock, Tate knew at that moment the theme of her wedding.

"From the minute he proposed I was like, 'Get the corny dogs, get the mustard,'" she said.

On March 25, Tate and her husband hosted their very own "Tate Fair of Texas."

Their wedding kept the essence of the fair with Texas shaped cookies, corn dogs, Lone Star Beer and banquet tables with blue ribbons.

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Corny dogs anyone?

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The fair even donated State Fair of Texas cups for the Tates and their guests.

The wedding didn't stop at themed decorations and food. She also had her very own attractions including a ferris wheel for her guests to ride.

Her favorite part of the ceremony was the recreation of the creative arts building. Photos of Tate and her husband hung on the walls of the mock building as if they were being judged for that year's photography contest.

Tate admits that her husband isn't as crazy as she is about the State Fair of Texas, but he did everything he could to make her dream a reality.

"As cheesy as it sounds, it's the core of who I am," Tate said. "I love that Texas tradition." Spoken like a true Texan!

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