Whataburger Wrapped Baby is the Most Texas Thing You’ll See Today

Carolyn Y Finger/CBS News

One Texas couple decided to show off their love for Whataburger by using it as the theme of their newborn baby's photoshoot.

San Antonio photographer Carolyn Y Finger was surprised when her clients asked to do something a little different for their newborn's photo shoot.

"They asked if we can do it because she and her husband just love Whataburger," Finger told CBS News.

Finger took the theme and ran with it, recruiting a friend who worked at the restaurant to obtain authentic props for the photo. Baby Carter can be seen laying on his belly wrapped up on a trademark orange tray, behind table numbers that display his birth date.

"Baby Carter was an awesome baby to work with, and with the set up I wanted the photo to look more rustic since we live in Texas," said Finger.

Now, the adorable infant has earned the nickname "Whatababy," thanks to the creativity of his proud parents.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a newborn has been featured in a Whataburger-themed photoshoot. Back in 2014, another Texas couple wrapped up their child like a taquito for their birth announcement photo as a nod to the 7-hour road trips to the burger chain they went on in order to cure the mother-to-be's burger cravings. If that isn't true Whataburger dedication, I don't know what is.

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Whataburger Wrapped Baby is the Most Texas Thing You’ll See Today