Texas Server Receives Life-Changing Tip from Kind Stranger

Taryn Keith/Facebook

As anyone in the service industry knows, people aren't always nice to their wait-staff and a nice tip can be very hard to come by, especially around the holidays.

However, one Texas resident was recently gifted a life-changing tip from his very generous diners. 22-year-old Ben Miller told ABC News that he struck up a conversation with one of his guests about his home country of Ireland during a recent serving shift. Miller's girlfriend, Taryn Keith, is pregnant, and the couple hope to one day bring their new bundle of joy to visit Ben's extended family.

"I jokingly said, 'I wish I could go back that often to see my family,'" Millar explained. "I thought nothing of it, and we all joked after. The night went on, and I proceeded to give good service and talk to them."

Later that night, he found that the guest had left a $750 tip on a $122 bill. Keith shared the story on Facebook, through a post that has quickly gone viral.

In states like Texas, servers only make $2.13 an hour. Many often don't even get a paycheck on pay day after taxes are taken out. They literally live off the tips they receive during service hours, so even a standard 20 percent tip can make a huge difference.

This random act of kindness is what we love to see, especially around the holidays.

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Texas Server Receives Life-Changing Tip from Kind Stranger