Texas Country Star Josh Abbott Pays It Forward at Target

While shopping at a Target over the weekend, Josh Abbott turned a small action into a big act of kindness for one shopper.

When Abbott received a $5 gift card for making a purchase, he turned to the woman standing behind him in line and gave it to her instead.

"She immediately teared up and couldn't believe it," Abbott wrote in an Instagram post. "I recognized that look; it was the same look my mother had when I was a kid and we were dirt poor and others helped our family financially. So I knew to help her more."

Abbott then bought all of her items and gave her a $100 bill.


Abbott also added that he doesn't often post good deeds like this because they appear as boastful, but it's clear his heart's in the right place.

"I guess you just never know what someone is going through, and the kindness of strangers always wins the day. I've made some wrong choices in my life, and I don't believe good deeds necessarily balance it out, but I do believe in trying." "I hope this message comes across as humbly and authentic as it is intended. It is because of all of you supporting our music that I'm able to help others in the first place. So thank you all!"

Right on, Josh. We're always happy to see people helping people.

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Texas Country Star Josh Abbott Pays It Forward at Target