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Texas Customer Leaves $1,300 Tip To Support Restaurant During Coronavirus

It has been a trying time for restaurants these past few months. Some closed their doors while others switched to take-out and delivery. For small businesses, the covid-19 pandemic hit hard, forcing businesses to seek out small business loans (which consequently made its way into the hands of big players like Ruth Chris's Steakhouse, Shake Shack, and Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc, who owns Taco Cabana). After weeks of following the Texas stay-at-home order, Gov. Greg Abbott released an executive order on May 1, allowing restaurants, malls, retail stores, and movie theaters in Texas to open, so long as they stay under 25% capacity. Some restaurants are slowly getting back on their feet while one restaurant in Austin got the biggest Texas coronavirus tip they could ever imagine.

Texas Customer Leaves $1,300 Tip To Support Restaurant During Coronavirus

David Fernandez, owner of The Frog & The Bull, an upscale casual dining establishment, was excited to be reopening his restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic in Austin, Texas. A man and his family (who had visited the Texas restaurant before), ordered a filet mignon, scallops, grilled steak, and other items. The bill came to $337 and when the sever handed the man the bill, the man asked for the bill to be double charged.

"He said charge me double for everything and I asked, 'Are you sure?' Fernandez recalled, sharing the story with CNN, "He said, 'yes.'

The customer tacked on a $300 tip for the server and an additional $1,000 "for the house," bringing the grand total to $2,029. Now that's a welcome back gift.

Restaurants Reopen in Texas Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Many Texas restaurants are opening back up and implementing their own safety measures to comply with social distancing guidelines and information from public health officials. Texans will notice these changes, whether it is taped off tables in the dining area, employees wearing masks or face coverings, no self-serve drink stations, and sanitizing stations at all entrances. Employees will be disinfecting tables and chairs after every customer.

Customers who have symptoms of COVID-19 or been exposed to the virus are asked to use delivery options or cook at home. Customers with underlying health conditions are asked to do the same to keep themselves safe. Most restaurants will be continuing carryout service.

This post was originally published on May 4, 2020.

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