Texas Cop Punished for Snoop Dogg Photo Sues Police Department

A Texas cop is fighting back against his bosses after being punished for snapping a photo with Snoop Dogg.

A police officer is suing the Texas Department of Public Safety after being disciplined for posing for a picture with rapper Snoop Dogg,

Trooper Billy Spears was working an event during Austin’s South by Southwest Music Festival, when Snoop Dogg’s assistant asked if the rapper could take a photo with Spears. Shortly after the incident, Spears was served with a “counseling record,” and was told that the photo that was posted on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram page reflected poorly on the police department.

According to KVUE, Spears’ lawyer is now asking that the counseling be pulled from Spears’ record, citing it as a form of retaliation for a previous complaint Spears filed about the department. Before the photo incident, Spears was investigated after a fellow police officer approached him at a concert. Spears alleges that the officer harassed him and threatened to arrest him for public intoxication although he was not intoxicated.

His lawyer also claims that Spears was wrongfully detained the officer after the incident and was suspended from his position, although the suspension was later reversed.

The counseling is not seen as a formal disciplinary action by the department, so it cannot be appealed and may affect his chances for future promotions. The lawyer claims that posing for the photo broke no laws or codes and therefore should not have resulted in counseling.

Spears is seeking unspecified damages due to the incident and a jury trial.

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Texas Cop Punished for Snoop Dogg Photo Sues Police Department