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Texas Church’s Anti-Craft Beer Ad Backfires Big Time


Never mess with small businesses. They have an uncanny ability to turn your words against you. Like the California pizzeria that gave discounts for bad Yelp reviews — after Yelp removed good reviews when the pizzeria stopped advertising with them. This time, a Texas brewery is getting the last laugh.

The Anchor of Hope Baptist Church in Canyon, Texas recently took out an ad shaming those who drink. In big bold letters, the ad reads “Craft beer is the devil’s craft.” The church then recites bible passages and makes peculiar claims about alcohol. Like, for instance, that “Jesus never drank booze… he drank the fruit of the vine… grape juice.”

Well, okay. Most theologians might disagree with the grape juice claim, but whatever. The ad ultimately asks Canyon residents, “Will we sell the youth of Canyon for the revenues of booze?”

So Canyon crafter brewery Imperial Taproom decided they’d stand up for their — (*ahem*) craft — by turning the ad into a coupon. On their Facebook, the company told customers to bring in a copy of the ad to receive $1 off their bill. And there’s no limit to the number of “coupons” put to use.

The company takes another jab at the holier-than-thou ad by telling customers to “come enjoy some devilishly tasty craft beer.”

It’s not the first time a church took out a questionable ad in a newspaper, and it won’t be the last. In fact, this particular church has taken out ads to influence community members before. Their web page makes some questionable claims, too.

Canyon is a pretty small and conservative community, but so far most folks seem to be in favor of the brewery. Especially on social media, where the post has over 1,100 Facebook likes. (They usually average around 50-60 likes per post). Regardless of your personal stance on the matter, one thing is for certain. This small Texas business made a brilliant marketing move.

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Texas Church’s Anti-Craft Beer Ad Backfires Big Time