10 Texas Pumpkin Beers You Have to Try

We’re midway through October, and there’s no better way to celebrate the fall season than by consuming a ton of pumpkin products.

There’s candy corn, squash, pumpkin pie, the inescapable Pumpkin Spice Latte and now, pumpkin-flavored beers are slowly becoming more and more popular.

Nearly every brewery does a seasonal Oktoberfest beer these days, and if you’re in Texas, there’s no shortage of craft beers to try out.

But what if you’re a Texan and you want to see if your favorite Lone Star State brewery can give you that pumpkin flavor you’re craving? Read on to see the 10 best Texas-brewed pumpkin beers you have to drink to believe.

10. Karbach Brewing Co., Krunkin Pumpkin

Twitter/Karbach Brewing Co.
Twitter/Karbach Brewing Co.

Brewed at the Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, this seasonal dark pumpkin ale has a pumpkin spice bite to it.

9. Saint Arnold’s Pumpkinator

Also brewed in Houston, St. Arnold’s Pumpkinator is one of the highest-rated pumpkin beers on the market right now. It’s an Imperial Stout, so it has a bit more alcohol by volume, and it’s been described as tasting like liquid pumpkin pie.

8. Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co., Pumpkin Spice Latte

Twitter/Buffalo Bayou BrewCo
Twitter/Buffalo Bayou BrewCo

Another Houston brew, this PSL is a combination of their Gingerbread Stout and mashed pumpkins aged on Amaya’s Coffee. Truly a coffee and a beer in one.

7. Busted Sandal Brewing Co., El Gourdo Pumpkin Porter

This brewery located in San Antonio produced their pumpkin porter just two years ago, and it took seasonal releases to a whole new level. It’s a smooth option with the heavy aroma of pumpkin spices and a creamy taste to follow.

6. Lakewood Brewing Co., Punkel

Plot twist: this Garland-brewed treat includes no pumpkin, but is flavored like a pumpkin pie, meant to complement the dessert instead of overwhelm it.

5. BJ’s Brewery, Pumpkin Ale

BJ's Brewery
BJ’s Brewery

Only available at B.J.’s restaurants nationwide, the beer is actually brewed locally. Their Pumpkin Ale is a light seasonal that can also be consumed as an ice cream float.

4. Lazy Beach Brewing, Pumpkin

Lazy Beach Brewing Co.
Lazy Beach Brewing Co.

Lazy Beach is a small brewery out of Corpus Christi, and their pumpkin stash is actually gone for the year, but there’s always next October! The brewery is always trying out new seasonals and different batches.

3. No Label Brewing Co., Nightmare on 1st Street

No Label Brewing Co.
No Label Brewing Co.

This Katy-brewed beer is anything but a nightmare if you like flavored beer. The website says it’s brewed with “thoughts of pumpkin,” so the flavor isn’t too overwhelming. It’s one of the best out there along with St. Arnold’s.

2. Saint Arnold’s Bishop’s Barrel No. 9

Speaking of St. Arnold’s, they barrel-age a lot of their products, including the Pumpkinator. This version of it is barrel-aged in bourbon barrels, so try this kind if you want more of a kick to your beer.

1. Infamous Brewing’s Pumpkin Massacre

Finally, Austin’s Infamous Brewing’s Pumpkin Massacre closes out this list. It’s a pumpkin pecan seasonal that emphasizes nutmeg and cinnamon spices. It’s a heavier stout, so be prepared.

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10 Texas Pumpkin Beers You Have to Try