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Texas Brands That Are Better Than the National Brands

If you live in the Lone Star State, then you know just how much Texans love Texas. We've got everything you could want in a state. From wide open spaces to big cities, to beaches and towering forests, Texas has it all. The same can be said of the Texas economy. For any product or service you want, there's a Texas brand to fill that need. So why would you shop national brands or stores when everything you could want has a Texan counterpart, which in most cases is far superior? Let's examine these Texas brands that are better than the national brands.

McDonald's vs. Whataburger



When it comes to fast food, McDonald's may be widely proliferated, but quantity doesn't equal quality. The first Whataburger was opened in Corpus Christi in 1950 by a man so interesting he could have been the real-life Dos Equis's "Most Interesting Man in the World." Harmon Dobson believed that you should have to use two hands to hold your burger, so he pioneered the five-inch bun. Size isn't the only thing that matters at Whataburger either, you can customize your meal however you want.

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AMC vs. Alamo Drafthouse

There's really no contest here. AMC Theatres is based in Kansas City, Kan., and while the concept of being able to see tons of movies all in one spot is tempting, it doesn't even come close to Austin-based Alamo Drafthouse. The company offers table service with a full food and drink menu, as opposed to overpriced soda and popcorn. AMC actually has a branch that offers meals, but it doesn't match up to the Texas brand. Alamo is also awesome because of the culture of the theater. They regularly has host movie premieres with meet-the-cast events. They regularly host sing and quote-alongs for those patrons who enjoy speaking every line of the movie as they watch it. Alamo is also very strict about not allowing patrons to talk or use cellphones hones during shows.

Budweiser vs. Shiner

No contest here. It is said that Adolphus Busch, the brand's co-creator, himself referred to the brew as "dass slop" (German for "that slop") and refused to drink it. There's really no comparison between Budweiser and Shiner. Shiner beer comes from the little town Shiner, Texas, and the Spoetzl Brewery makes dozens of varieties, including seasonal brews. Anheuser-Busch can buy all the craft breweries it wants and it will never beat Shiner.

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Ruth's Chris vs. Perry's

Now, I'm not knocking Ruth's Chris, because frankly, it's amazing. If you haven't had a steak at Perry's though, you're missing out. As opposed to Ruth's Chris, which originated in New Orleans, the first Perry's opened as a meat market on the Southeast side of Houston. The owner added tables in 1986, and since then, Perry's steakhouses have opened up across Texas and in three other states (Illinois, Colorado and Alabama). The beef is unparalleled, and cooked to perfection. They are also famous for their pork chops, which are absolutely delectable.

Baskin Robbins vs. Amy's Ice Creams

Baskin Robbins, while delicious, was founded in Massachusetts and is undeniably one of America's favorite ice cream parlors. However, Amy's Ice Creams, born in Austin, Texas, is just a whole other level of awesome. Amy's offers an incredible menu that changes often. At Amy's you can get Mexican Vanilla that will make you drool just thinking about it. Amy's also offers unique flavors like Shiner, Ginger Snap, White Chocolate, Blood Orange, and Buttered Rum. In addition to their delicious menu, Amy's encourages creativity. A job application to Amy's consists merely of an empty, plain, brown paper bag, and prospective employees are evaluated based on what they do with the bag.

Starbuck's vs. Dazzle Coffee

The next time you're in the Texas Hill Country, try out Dazzle Coffee. The brand started out as a tiny coffee kiosk in downtown Pflugerville (Northeast of Austin), but has captured the tastebuds of central Texans. You can find a Starbuck's on every corner, in every city in every state, but originally they started life as a little coffee shop in Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Much like the Starbuck's, Dazzle has had a humble, yet successful beginning, having branched out to two locations within the ten years they've been in business. Dazzle offers drinks like the "Six Shooter." For those who can handle it, the Six Shooter is six shots of espresso, Ghirardelli, steamed milk and whipped cream. Other favorites include the Zebra Mocha and the Dazzle Frost.

RaceTrac vs. Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's rest stop


RaceTrac may have cheap gas, but Buc-ee's is so much more than a gas station. RaceTrac is based in Georgia, and has made a name for itself in several states including Texas. However, to Texans there really is no better place than Buc-ee's to stop on the road. First of all, Buc-ee's has the cleanest bathrooms in America. Literally. In addition to that, some of the larger locations have dozens of gas pumps, as well as fresh food being prepared in-store. So RaceTrac can keep its snickers and fountain drinks. However, if you're in the mood for Snickers and fountain drinks, Buc-ee's has those too.

Domino's vs. Double Dave's

Michigan-born Domino's underwent a huge rebranding effort starting in 2009 and continuing until just a couple years ago. While it's not as bad now as it used to be, it's not even in the same category with Double Dave's. The first Double Dave's opened in College Station in 1984. Double Dave's has classic pizza like pepperoni, as well as Texas-centric flavors like Chicken Enchilada Pizza. Double Dave's is especially well known for their delicious pepperoni rolls.

Dunkin' Donuts vs. Shipley's

America may run on Dunkin', but here in Texas, we prefer Shipley's. Shipley's started in Houston in 1936, and has spread its version of the sweet, fried pastries all across Texas, and into six other states. Shipley's offers hot and fresh donuts that are light and fluffy, and coated in a thin, crispy glaze. You can also get kolaches at Shipley's which is more than you can say for Dunkin'.

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