Texas Boy Finds Casket on Sidewalk After Flooding

On Tuesday (May 26), a young boy who was taking his bike on a leisurely ride down the street made a grisly discovery. The boy found a casket sitting in the middle of the sidewalk in his Houston, Texas neighborhood.

According to Fox4, The boy quickly contacted Houston police who investigated the scene and determined that the recent severe flooding was the likely culprit in the casket’s unexpected escape from the Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church grounds.

The rising waters had caused the casket to float out of its plot and travel away from the cemetery until the waters diminished and left the casket right in the middle of the sidewalk.

This is just one of the many unfortunate circumstances created by the severe weather that affected parts of Texas and Oklahoma over the weekend. In Texas, over 400 homes were destroyed and 1000 residents were displaced due to the flooding from the Blanco River in Hays County. In Houston, the storms caused an apartment building to collapse and killed two people.

Workers from a local funeral home assisted police in recovering and returning the casket back to its assigned plot.

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Texas Boy Finds Casket on Sidewalk After Flooding