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Researchers at Texas A&M Say Brisket is Healthy for You

Good news, Texas BBQ lovers: brisket is healthy for you.

*Cue the angels singing*

According to researchers at Texas A&M, beef brisket contains high levels of oleic acid, which produces high levels of HDLs, the "good" kind of cholesterol.

Oleic acid has two major benefits: it produces HDLs, which lower your risk of heart disease, and it lowers LDLs the "bad" type of cholesterol.

Researchers say this also applies to most ground beef.

"Brisket has higher oleic acid than the flank or plate, which are the trims typically used to produce ground beef," said Dr. Stephen Smith, Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist. "The fat in brisket also has a low melting point, that's why the brisket is so juicy."

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Welp, I think I'm off to Cooper's for lunch. If you needed another reason to eat barbecue, I think you've just found it.

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This post was originally published in 2016.

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Researchers at Texas A&M Say Brisket is Healthy for You