Texas Ambulance Crew
Dashlin James via Facebook

Texas Ambulance Crew Steps in to Mow Determined 98-Year-Old Woman's Lawn

An ambulance crew in Waco, Texas is making headlines for their impromptu act of kindness. According to KWTX, paramedic Kent Haney and EMTs Matt Linda and Deanna Covic were out Wednesday (June 28) and stopped when they spotted 98-year-old Margaret Durham mowing her lawn in the June heat.

"She's elderly and looked exhausted," paramedic Haney said. "She was on a dangerous slope of the yard, possibly could fall and lose control of the lawn mower and injure herself."

It didn't take long for the crew to spring into action.

"Ya know, the need for us to intervene was there so great," Haney explained. "We thought, 'Hey we need to intervene'."

Durham's neighbor, Dashlin James, snapped a few photos of the crew helping out. Although he helps her on occasion, James says that Durham is still very independent. So much so that she reportedly insisted on putting the mower away herself.

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James posted the pictures on Facebook, hoping to show off the crew's generosity. "Definitely an act of kindness," he told KWTX. "I thought it was a very great gesture of them, I mean, when they're not saving lives, they're out helping the community, it's greatly appreciated, and I'm sure she appreciates it as well."

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