Hilarious Twitter Reactions to the Blistering Cold Front in Texas

In Texas, winter is notoriously tempestuous. It can be hot for weeks before a sudden cold front sweeps in. Over the weekend, a blast of arctic air this weekend dropped temperatures across the state by as much as 50 degrees in parts. As a result, Texans were reminded of the true volatility of winter.

When temperatures dropped into the twenties with a wind chill below ten degrees, heat-loving Texans were suddenly plunged into unfamiliar territory. As with all remarkable events these days, people took to social media to express dismay at the sudden onset of winter in the Lone Star State.

First of all, the cold front was visible with the naked eye:


People were totally not prepared for it.

People did NOT know what to make of it:

Hashtag: Conspiracy.

My face hurts when I go outside.

Three pairs of pants sounds perfectly reasonable.

Run, run, Rudolph! WINTER IS COMING.

Texas: Where snuggling is roughly on par with being set on fire.


In Texas? Forget about it.

Texas finally got the memo about Winter.

Texas...where you can watch your windows frost.

When it suddenly gets cold and your windows fog up

A photo posted by Faiyaz Ahsan (@steelflexinc) on

So be careful what you ask for.

But where's the snow???

Oh there it is. Oh wait, no...sprinkler system.

Video: Eric Abrahamsen

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Hilarious Twitter Reactions to the Blistering Cold Front in Texas