This Texan is Handcrafting Personalized Staves to Honor Veterans

In Kirbyville, Texas, sits the Henry Brothers Cutlery Shop run by Robert Wilson. While knives are his business, his true passion in the recent years has been to create a gift of sorts for veterans across the country. That gift is the staff of honor.

For about a year, Wilson has been making these staves of honor after a close friend lost his son in combat abroad. What began as a simple gesture from a friend to a friend soon became an undertaking to give back and recognize this country’s veterans with an item that is personalized to each.

The staff of honor for each veteran holds four things: their name, their rank, where they served, and when they served. These staves act, essentially, as a personal military story for each veteran.

In the last year, Wilson has created about 375 walking sticks and the list grows longer each day. However, the staff of honor program relies strictly on donations which go directly toward finding the best pieces of wood, the craftsmanship, and the detailing that are a part of each staff of honor.

Volunteers come into the shop each week to help, two of which are veterans themselves, so the creation of these staves has taken on a much larger meaning than Robert originally intended.

Watch the video to learn more about Robert, the staff of honor program, and one special veteran who is currently 107 years old.

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This Texan is Handcrafting Personalized Staves to Honor Veterans