The Terra Wind RV: Motorhome to Motorboat

Now you can literally drive on the water.

It’s no joke – this Terra Wind RV goes by land or by sea. Actually, keep it away from the ocean for now. This little baby is only ready for fresh water. However, it does cruise at up to 7 knots. Now you never have to dock. Simply drive out of the water when the boating day is done. Plus, if your friends don’t know it drives on water, this will be the best practical joke of all time.

Best of all? It comes equipped with your own personal sun deck. Well, think of it more as a jumping off point. But hey, it’s a starting place. An even better thrill is climbing to the roof for a higher free fall. What a rush!



Let’s talk about luxury; it’s kind of like a yacht on wheels. You can go for a swim, shower, watch TV, take a nap and repeat that process as many times as you want. Say goodbye to marina bathrooms and crummy showers and hello to marble tile.




The Terra Wind won’t be your cheapest thrill, however. Living in the lap of luxury begins at around $850,000. Some higher-end packages cost around $1.2 million.


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The Terra Wind RV: Motorhome to Motorboat