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Pack Your Bags, There's a Tequila Train Entering the Station

Traveling by train isn't popular in the United States compared to Europe. We use cars and planes with the occasional subway in big cities.  However, companies are starting to hop on the railroad to bring tourists and foodies alike on trains through Napa Valley, California to sample the finest wine, and get this, tequila. Throw on your conductor cap and grab your ticket to the tequila train.

The Napa Valley Wine Train, which hosts train service between wineries has announced a new event just in time for Cinco De Mayo. The Tequila Train, in partner with tequila producer Casa Dragones, will include a three-hour train journey complete with a four-course dinner, live flamenco music and lots of tequila

The Tequila Train

Dress to impress on this 1915 vintage railcar. Complete with lounge cars, vista domes and a drool-worthy kitchen car, this trip is sure to bring you back in time.

The three-hour 36-mile round trip route takes you from Downtown Napa to St.Helena. While you won't be seeing the agave fields of  Casa Dragones (it's located in Jalisco, Mexico), you'll still get the chance to awe over the thirty different wineries that line the railroad track. Complete with good food and tequila tasting, this train ride will almost feel like a trip to Mexico.

Board the train hungry (and thirsty). According to Napa Valley Wine Train guests can expect a welcome cocktail served alongside white corn tortillas, salsa and fresh guacamole in the open air car. Other dishes include Gulf shrimp ceviche, tortilla soup, rubbed flat iron steak and an orange mojo chicken served with mayan rice while sitting in the elegant dining car. And for dessert is a classic tres leches cake served with Casa Dragones Joven 100% Pure Agave Azul (which is rumored to be Oprah's favorite). 

The trip is taking place for Cinco De Mayo (May), National Tequila Day (July) and Day of the Dead (October). Be sure to book online before this special event sells out. And don't fret if you don't make these dates. The Napa Wine Train is always having special events (including murder mystery rides) and their regularly scheduled rail tours.

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