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Age Like a Fine Tequila in One of These Wooden Barrel Hotel Rooms

Outside of Guadalajara in the city of Tequila sits the Matices Hotel de Barricas in Casa Cofradia's agave fields. Visitors can have the unique experience of not only tasting tequila and seeing how it's made, they can also become one with the drink by staying inside huge wooden barrels like the ones used to age it.

If you've ever wanted to feel like tequila instead of just feeling like drinking tequila, staying in one of their barrel rooms provides the perfect opportunity. In the desert landscape, you'll sleep in a working field of agave peppered with cactus and trees in the rolling hills of this western Mexico state.

Facebook/Matices Hotel de Barricas

Rooms are simple and have one or two beds with space for up to three adults and one child.

Each barrel has a stunning painting on one wall, highlighting the shape of the wonderfully strange hotel room.

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While staying at the Matices Hotel de Barricas you can take tours, visit the museum, distill your own tequila and hang out with other agave aficionados.

According to their website, room rates range from $3.130,00 to $3.730,00, which in USD, comes to about $165.89 to $197.69 a night.

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