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Tecovas Launches Direct-To-Consumer Online Cowboy Boot Brand

If you've ever thought about buying a quality pair of cowboy boots, you've noticed how expensive they are. One Texas company is out to show it doesn't have to be that way.

Paul Hedrick, of Austin, recently launched Tecovas Boots, an internet business that sells their brand of handmade cowboy boots directly to consumers at wholesale prices. 

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Most mid-grade handmade Western boots range between $450-$650. Tecovas boots range from $195-$235.

tecovas 2

While Tecovas boots are significantly less expensive than others on the market, they're anything but cheap. Hedrick chose to make Tecovas boots in León, Mexico at one of the oldest boot-making factories in the world. León is the largest shoemaking city in the Western Hemisphere, and it's where most of the big Western boot brands make their footwear.

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Tecovas founder Paul Hedrick

Each boot takes more than 120 individual steps to make. You can see the artisanal process of how they're made in the video below.

Tecovas currently offers four styles of calfskin boots for men and women in three different colors. Hedrick designed each boot, and says he drew his inspiration from what boot owners like the most.

"When I'd go into boot stores and ask the sales guy to point me to your best-selling men's and women's boots, they would, by far and away, always point to one that was super classic looking, really well made, not that cheap, but not outrageously expensive. I realized, hey, why don't we just offer what people really like."

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For more information about Tecovas boots and to see the styles offered, visit their website.

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Tecovas Launches Direct-To-Consumer Online Cowboy Boot Brand