Freightened Cow Gets Rescued From the Slaughterhouse

Most of us don’t think about the frightening process livestock must through in order for us to get a delicious piece of meat delivered to our dinner table. The journey of Emma, a frightened cow who was given the chance to escape the slaughterhouse, has gotten the attention of thousands across the world.

In the video above, you’ll see Emma as she is being transported to an unknown location. She is so frightened by what’s to come that tears begin to fill her eyes. Moments later, she is unloaded from the truck and into a huge field filled with other cows. Instead of being sent to her death, a group of kind strangers decided to give Emma a second chance.

Emma, who has never been able to roam freely with another herd, happily trots through the grass and quickly takes her place within her new family. Saved from the slaughterhouse, Emma now has the chance to happily live out the rest of her days in a beautiful and comfortable home surrounded by loving friends and caretakers.

Whatever your feelings may be on the ethics of raising livestock, it’s impossible not to feel a wave of happiness for this cow’s new lease on life.

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Freightened Cow Gets Rescued From the Slaughterhouse