10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts Teachers Will Actually Want for Once

Isn't it funny that teacher appreciation gifts come around every year, yet we leave it till the last minute to get done? This time around, get ahead of the game before school even starts! Since it's summer, it's the perfect time to look out for summer deals, and to get creative. When fall or spring rolls around, you'll already be done picking out the best teacher gifts. You won't even need to wait for teacher appreciation week, since that should be year-round. Here are 10 great gift ideas to fit every budget, including some that you can even get last minute. And please, skip the apple. Educators get enough of those.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

1. Thank You Card

Teachers work hard, so reward their hard work with a gift they'll actually want. We sourced We Are Teachers to get ideas straight from teachers. Thank you notes are easily printable at home, and you can even use your kid's school supplies and stickers to personalize it. This is a great gift especially for elementary school students to give because they can personalize it to their liking. It's a great DIY gift to start the year right with a simple teacher thank you, just because. No tutorial necessary!

2. Gift Card

Who doesn't want an Amazon gift card? It's a great thank you gift for just about anyone. If you want to be a little fancier, you can even pick up fun gift card holders at the store or off of Etsy.

3. Teacher Appreciation Book

Have your child involved in filling out this keepsake. For an awesome teacher, you should give an awesome gift from the heart. Your kids' teachers will love it because it will be straight from the heart. Much like a Mother's Day gift, some of the best teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day involve a heartfelt thanks.

4. Cupcakes

Sure, candy bars are easy to put together in a gift basket. Goodies are always a fun gift, but a special teacher deserves much more. Go the extra mile and order scrumptious cupcakes. These are the perfect gift to devour in between classes.

5. Amazon Echo

Want to give the favorite gift of the year? Get your school teacher an echo. It's not the most thoughtful gift, but it's the most practical. It's also great for high school classrooms, where it can be incorporated into more lesson plans.

6. Teacher Hair Ties

If you want a cute idea to put into a gift box, hair ties are always welcomed. Some mornings, teachers just need to throw their hair up in a hurry. Hairs ties are useful and cheap. Throw into a box, tote bag, or mason jar with other everyday items, such as hand sanitizer, tumblers, water bottles, lotion and bookmarks. Add a gift tag and you've got a great end-of-year teacher gift.

7. Thumbprint Art

Roundup all the moms and find a free printable for thumbprint art. It's the most personalized teacher gift you can think of that gets all of the students involved.

8. Scones

Welcome your favorite teacher back to school with some delicious scones. They can also work for end-of-the-year celebrations.

9. Bouquet of Blooms

The school year drags on for quite some time, so throw in a gift in between. You can pick up last-minute flowers anytime and have your kid take them to school. A great teacher should always be celebrated.

10. Personalized Stationery

Stationery is always needed, and having personalized notebooks and planners always puts a smile on a teacher's face. This teacher appreciation gift lasts through the year.

This list is just the start of great teacher appreciation ideas. For more cute ideas, you can head over to Pinterest or Eighteen25. Happy shopping!

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