These 7 Tea Organizers Are a Game-Changer For Your Kitchen Organization

Tea is the perfect drink for a relaxing, treat-yourself moment or a pick-me-up when you're getting your day started. Whether you go for classic black tea, oolong tea or a calming chamomile, it's important to know how to store your tea bags for long-lasting, flavorful tea. Especially if you buy your tea in large quantities, you won't finish it off anytime soon, and you should get to enjoy every last tea bag no matter how long it's been in storage. A tea organizer is essential for storing your tea to retain its essence and freshness for as long as possible.

Tea storage boxes are designed for more than just aesthetics- they're meant to keep your tea fresh and flavorful, protecting the tea bags from light and air that will affect their flavor. Similar to how a bread box keeps bread from going stale, tea bag holders keep your tea bags fresh, allowing you to store your tea for long periods of time without worrying about them losing their flavor.

Tea bags do best in a sealed container that keeps the air out. They also should be stored in the dark, since light can affect the tea. Tea organizers accomplish this, along with giving you an easy, accessible place to store your tea. Here are the 7 best tea organizers to keep your tea perfectly fresh.

1. mDesign Plastic Stackable Tea Bag Organizer

This plastic tea organizer is a classic choice for storing your tea, providing plenty of space to store your tea and everything that comes with it. With the 8 different sections, you can store tea bags, creamers, condiment accessories, coffee pods, sweeteners, and more.

This storage bin has a hinged lid to make it easy to grab what you need. Rather than letting your kitchen cabinets get taken over by your tea collection, use this tea organizer to keep your kitchen tidy and your tea bags fresh. Keep away from areas with lots of sunlight to protect the bags.

2. ROYALHOUSE Natural Bamboo Tea Bag Organizer Box

For a more aesthetic look, this bamboo tea box adds a classy, natural touch to your countertop. The 12 compartments of this kitchen organizers allow you to store all of your tea bags, along with any other small items that need storage. The clear lid of this drawer organizers allows you to easily see your tea options as you choose. This drawer organizer is perfect for tea drinkers looking for an effective and attractive storage option.

3. mDesign Plastic Kitchen Pantry Stackable Container with 3 Drawers

This organizer caddy is made for those who don't have much kitchen counter space. Rather than taking up an entire square of space on the countertop or in your pantry, this tea organizer has drawers stacked from up to down to maximize space. Store tea bags, tea infusers, honey sticks, coffee filters, and whatever else you need to store in your kitchen. This can also be used for office supplies or bathroom supplies.

4. Yixing Loose Leaf Tea Storage Canister Pot

Another option for tea bag storage is a clay pot, which effectively keeps the tea fresh and protects it from air and sunlight. This canister pot tea organizer is made with Yixing Zisha Clay and has a lovely design on the outside to add to the decor of your kitchen. This is made for tea lovers who use loose leaf tea, but it's also a great option for tea bags.

5. ROYALHOUSE Premium Wood Tea Box

This wood tea box is another that adds to your kitchen decor with its flower carving design. Its 9 compartments provide plenty of space to store your tea bags, separating them by flavor and purpose. For a storage container that gives adds organization to your kitchen and keeps your tea fresh and ready to drink, this Royalhouse tea caddy is the way to go.

6. Ironwood Gourmet Haning Tea Box, Acacia Wood

Another wood tea box that adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen, this Ironwood Haning Tea box is made from sustainably harvested Acacia wood. This tea organizer is meant to be wall mounted, meaning that you can store your tea bags without taking up any kitchen counter space. It can also be used as a coffee K-cup holder or a spice organizer, or a combination of different items for kitchen storage.

7. WELLAND Large Capacity Vintage Wood Tea Bag Box

This tea storage chest is made for large capacity, featuring two layers and 14 compartments to store all the tea you've ever dreamed of. Each compartment in the tea organizer is made to hold 15 or more tea bags, so you'll never run out of storage space. Place any small items you need to store in the box, from sugar packets to spoons. This tea holder gives the ultimate amount of storage space to tea lovers.

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