Taylor Swift’s Latest Business Move: Buying Adult Web Domains

The ever-shrewd star makes business moves to stay ahead of anyone who wants to defame her. 

Taylor Swift recently completed the purchase of several adult internet domains in the hopes that it will help her avoid the possibility of having her name used to sell adult-themed material.

Swift bought the rights to TaylorSwift.porn and TaylorSwift.adult, reports CNN Money.

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Starting June 1, .porn, .sucks and .adult web domains will become available for public sale. This expansion of generic top-level domains has prompted many celebrities and organizations to scoop up any names related to them before internet trolls can get their hands on them. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is permitting some major brands and celebrities like Swift this first crack at purchasing the domain names.

The SVP of marketing at Safenames, an advisory firm and domain registrar for websites has admitted that people will bad intentions are always going to find a way, though the actions of Swift and others are very proactive.

Swift is known to be an extremely savvy businesswoman. Just last month, she undercut paparazzi sneaking shots of her and her friends in bikinis by posting her own, better images on Instagram. This move meant that any profit the paparazzi would receive from the shots would plummet.

And of course she was one of the first artists to pull all her music from Spotify, a move that forces users to have to pay to listen. This move came after it was revealed that artists and songwriters receive less than one cent per listen to their songs on the Spotify service.

Here’s hoping that Swift’s pro-action pays off.

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Taylor Swift’s Latest Business Move: Buying Adult Web Domains