Taylor Swift Gave This 96-Year-Old Veteran a Surprise Christmas Gift He'll Never Forget


Taylor Swift gave one 96-year-old fan the Christmas surprise of a lifetime this year. Missouri resident Cyrus Porter, a World War II veteran and mega fan of the country-turned-pop star received a personal visit and concert from the star on Dec. 26.

Porter has seen Swift in concert before, and began listening to her music in an effort to get closer with some of his many grandkids. "Yea I've been to two concerts. Memphis and St. Louis," he told a local news station. "Look, what she does... she puts on a show no one else puts on." He is battling cancer, but had hoped to see Taylor at least one more time in his life.

So, Taylor Swift - who is known for her charitable acts and fan interaction - decided to make this happen. The surprise occurred the day after Christmas, during Porter's family holiday celebration. Can you imagine Taylor Swift showing up at your Christmas? Of course, the family immediately took to social media to document the magical moment.

Taylor looked equally as pumped to meet one of her biggest fans. She even put on an acoustic performance for the family inside their home.

"My Popo was ecstatic! He was grinning from ear to ear and even had tears in his eyes," family member Caroline Fowler told E! News. "The first thing he said to her was 'How did you get here?' He loved every moment. He told her how he was proud of his family, his country and Taylor Swift!"

It's always refreshing to see celebrities carving out time for their biggest fans, especially during the holiday season. Shoutout to Taylor Swift for making this well-deserving veteran's dream come true!

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Taylor Swift Gave This 96-Year-Old Veteran a Surprise Christmas Gift He'll Never Forget