You Can Rent the Airstream from Taylor Swift's 'Vogue' Photo Shoot


Tucked away on a mountain bluff is a once in a lifetime getaway spot where Taylor Swift once stood for her Vogue photo shoot with best friend Karlie Kloss. This spectacular Airbnb option in Malibu is just a short drive to the beach and can be rented for $500 a night.

This property boasts a generous size outdoor patio steps from the cliff side, giving the true camping experience. Relax with a cup of coffee or sit back and take in the panoramic views of Catalina, the Channel Islands, Deer Creek Canyon and Country Line beach.

Step inside the hideaway and you're standing right where Taylor Swift did. The kitchenette inside is ready for cooking up your favorite breakfast. The Airstream also comes with a private and charmingly rustic bathroom. Owners of the property do warn that taking showers should be quick, as hot water is limited.

Enjoy the open-air set up while lounging in the queen-sized bed inside. This unique Airbnb can sleep 3 comfortably with the addition of a pull out couch. In the morning, if you're looking really hard, you may have luck spotting the local coyote and deer who roam near.

The views from the deck and cozy lounge area are plenty reason to never leave the mountain top. But if you are looking to catch some waves, the shore is only a short drive away.

If you're ready to put up a hefty $500 a night, make sure to check the weather first. Rain can make the trek to the Airstream a little slippery. But when the sun is shining, it's the perfect place for those who want to spend a little time breathing in some fresh air.

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You Can Rent the Airstream from Taylor Swift's 'Vogue' Photo Shoot