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Taryn Papa, Worth The Wait Battle To Little Big Town's 'Little White Church' For Spot On Team Blake


The Voice blind auditions are officially over and the NBC show has moved into the challenging battle rounds. That means that contestants will go up against each other to secure a spot on their teams. Coach Blake Shelton had a really difficult choice last night when he faced Taryn Papa up against the mother-daughter trio Worth the Wait in a fiery rendition of Little Big Town's "Little White Church." You can tell everyone performing has a deep love of music which made it incredibly fun to watch.

As soon as the four women ended the song, Gwen Stefani exclaimed "That was so cool." Kelly Clarkson was blown away with just "Wow" and John Legend admitted, "That was fun to watch." But who was going to be able to stay on Team Blake? As all of the Voice coaches gave their two cents on who they would pick, it was pretty divided. Worth the Wait is comprised of mother Tara Matthews and her daughters Mia and Jacy. Their story really warms the heart and their harmonies were top notch. Kelly and Gwen both felt drawn to them winning the Voice battle. But John was really impressed with Nashville country singer Taryn's incredible range and thought she deserved to remain a member of Team Blake. 

In true Blake form, he began his critique with "How do we even talk about this?" But of course, he doesn't make the rules and had to make a decision. "You both remind me of two different artists I worked with earlier." he began.

"For you Taryn it was Cassidy Pope. She was completely comfortable being on stage and there you are on Broadway and you're totally comfortable up there. And then with Worth the Wait, Mia reminds me a lot of Danielle Bradbery. Danielle was literally like 'Oh what is it a microphone? What do I do, I sing into it?' So talented, but not so much stage experience. You know, people saw the growth in Danielle Bradbery and that just makes it more of a tough decision." 

Ultimately, despite Taryn having a stronger stage presence, Blake chose Worth the Wait as the winners of the battle. But he shocked everyone when he used a save to keep Taryn on his team. He admitted that it was difficult for her to go up in a duet with a trio in the first battle and said he had every confidence in Tayrn moving into the next battle rounds. Since Taryn seriously impressed with her rendition of Martina McBride's "Anyway" during the blind auditions and Worth the Wait wowed everyone with their harmonies in Linda Ronstadt's "When Will I Be Loved," we can't wait to see what other country music we get to see on the popular singing show.

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