Target Launched a New Healthy Kombucha Line and It's Super Cheap

If you have ever bought a bottle of kombucha you know how expensive the fermented health drink can be. However, once again Target stores have come to the rescue and has launched their very own kombucha line including four exciting flavors available at a low price of $2.79.

If you haven't tried a glass of it for yourself, this beverage isn't your ordinary tea. Made with either green tea or black tea that has been fermented, the drink is then flavored with a variety of juices or ingredients to create a tasty and slightly carbonated drink. According to our friends over at Parents, The gut-friendly bacteria in the drink is the perfect solution to relieve fatigue, stress, acne, headaches, constipation, and hypertension.



The drinks will be labeled under their Target exclusive, Simply Balanced. You can find the healthy drinks in the produce section alongside popular kombucha brands like Humm kombucha, GT's kombucha, and Brew Dr. Kombucha. The drink is available in 15.2 fl oz bottles.

The flavors: blueberry-grape, ginger, mango, and a raspberry, lemon, and ginger combo, make this drink lip-smacking refreshing. I personally love the taste of ginger in kombucha but I must admit the mango kombucha is a top contender. 


Wide Open Eats

If you love the tangy taste of kombucha then you'll love our Kombucha Mai Tai. We suggest using the mango or ginger kombucha in this recipe.

Get the recipe here. 

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