Tanya Tucker Says Prayer Saved Her From Depression

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The power of prayer is a beautiful thing, and country music legend Tanya Tucker is letting her belief be known in her upcoming interview with Dan Rather. During Rather’s conversation with Tucker, the subject of prayer and its impact on one’s psyche will come to light.

In the short preview of the interview, Tucker explained that while her friend was in treatment for breast cancer, the country music star visited a monastery and prayed with 20 monks. Explaining that few things are more powerful than having that many hands on you and praying for you, Tucker felt a strength that is causing her to return to the establishment again this year.

“I think that’s probably what helped me the most is, I went to a monastery right outside of Aspen, and I went really for my friend, who had breast cancer, and it had spread. But she’s in remission now, and we’re so thankful for that. But she had went to this monastery where there’s twenty monks outside of Aspen, and I really connected with it. When you have twenty women praying, laying their hands on you and saying prayers or you, it’s pretty powerful. Very powerful. And I found some sort of a strength there. And I’m going back again this year.”
The Big Interview with Dan Rather will air tonight, Feb. 2, at 7 PM CT on AXS TV.

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Tanya Tucker Says Prayer Saved Her From Depression