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You Haven't Visited Arkansas Without a Taste of Tang Pie

If you're ever doing an I-40 road trip through Memphis, there's a stop you need to make just across the Mississippi River. Marion, Arkansas, is located a little bit north of West Memphis, just off Interstate 55. Plan your road trip right so that you can stop at Tacker's Shake Shack for a burger or meat and three, but whatever you do, don't skip the dessert case because Tacker's has the best desserts. You might want to plan to try more than one kind of pie, but for a unique experience, you have to get the Tang pie.

What is Tang pie?

Sometimes known as creamsicle pie, it's a creamy, orange-flavored no-bake dessert. At Tacker's, it's one of the seven pies they make as part of their extensive dessert menu that includes caramel apple fried pies, fried Oreos, bread pudding and milkshakes. Being Arkansas, you might think pecan or peach pie would be the favorite here, but the orange cream pie is up there at the top of the list.

Tang pie is part of the time-honored tradition of using everyday ingredients to make delicious refrigerated pies. The Tang pie recipe combines Cool Whip, cream cheese, sour cream and a half cup Tang powdered drink mix in a graham cracker crust.

Tang, which by the way was not invented by NASA, may not be as popular as it once was, so if you have a problem finding it in the store and want to make your own Tang pie, you can swap in orange Kool-Aid. You can also make your own graham cracker pie crust. Just make sure you chill the pie for at least two hours so the custard-like filling has a chance to set. Top with mandarin oranges and whipped cream.

If you get a chance to road trip through eastern Arkansas, make sure to put Tacker's on your list of must-try places for Tang pie. But if you want to make this dessert recipe at home, try this version from Just a Pinch Recipes.

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